A memorable mother & daughter day

A memorable mother & daughter day

The love a mother has for their children is the most beautiful thing, and that's exactly what we saw with these two. The day we had Lindsay and Aria come in for their photoshoot also happened to be the last day of shooting in our home studio and I couldn’t be happier to have spent it all together.

It was exciting to see the two observe one another during their session. Life lessons can be taught explicitly, but also (and usually more often), through quiet observation. A mother can show her daughter how to be fierce, but a daughter can also show a mother that she is perfect right now, and that's exactly what we saw.

It was exciting to see what defined their style throughout the session, going from a soft glam to a bold statement look. Looks that show just how pure and strong the connection is between a mother and a daughter. Looks that will now be held in memory, forever.

This day was nothing but special. It was a special feeling finding out just how similar Lindsay and I are to each other, and the energy and inspiration that they both brought in with them. It was a day that we were all meant to spend together.

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