Meet Brendine and Cleo

Meet Brendine and Cleo

Meet Brendine and Cleo, a mother and daughter duo that I’ve had the pleasure to see grow together. It’s been several sessions now that we’ve done together, and what a journey it’s been.



Every shoot is fun with these two. We’ve gone from bright, to girly, to moody, to glam and embraced every moment of Cleo's growth from a baby to now. Seeing both personalities and the love between the two is inspiring. Having worked with Brendine and Cleo for years now and getting over that ‘get to know you phase’ is a luxury. A luxury that lets them have full confidence in me which allows themselves to feel at the utmost oneself.



After all these years of trust and friendship, I’ve gotten to know the mother and daughter duo quite well. Brendine is a ray of sunlight, she has a calmness to her and will light up the room with her kindness. Cleo is a curious soul, bold yet sensitive and has a spunk to her. Both personalities caress one another, and it’s been so magical to see the love and the bond between these two grow over the years.



May the growth we’ve experienced together be a memory we cherish forever. 



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