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Introducing, Fearless Kids!

Help Your Kids Discover Their True Radiance

All of our kids are so very different. Some move through life with utter confidence, others as wall flowers afraid to step out and embrace who they are. Honestly, this takes FOREVER to happen. and many of us as adults still try to do this.

Imagine the example we are are setting for our children when we give them the opportunity to learn this about themselves at a young age.  

They might be used to the camera's spotlight as so many kids are with social media today, or they might not be. Either way. this experience can teach them so many things about who they are and who they want to become.  

Give your child the opportunity shine and create some epic memories for them to carry through life.

So, are you ready to witness a new side of your child?

Let's do it!

Unique experience

What makes The Studio different will make your Shooting Bays workshop experience unique. We work out of a one-of-a-kind creative space that exudes character and ambiance and offersboth a standard studio set-up as well as lifestyle set options.

~ Full array of studio lighting
 ~Carefully curated accessories
~ Backdrops in a variety of colours and textures
~ Lifestyle sets (office/living room/kitchen)

During your workshop, you’ll be working in 3-4 shooting bays, with up to 7 models.

What we'll cover:

~ Studio set up
~ Lighting set up
~ Styling
~ Posing
~ Working with different ages, ethnicities, and pairings of models
~ Gear selection
And more!

How your day will unfold

This full-day event includes:

Morning session (10 am-12:30 pm):
- Mini lectures and instructions
- Shooting on set, Part I

Catered lunch (12:30-1:30)

Afternoon session (1:30-5:00 pm):
- Mini lectures and instructions
- Shooting on set, Part II

In this limited attendance creative workshop (maximum 5 participants), you will spend a day learning and working along side industry experts, including Lauren Kaufmann (of Kaufmann Photography and The Studio), wardrobe stylists, professional models, and hair and make-up artists. You’ll receive personalized instructions on the latest photographic techniques and get valuable one-on-one time with our experts. You’ll then have the chance to apply your lessons learned by capturing a range of beautiful images in our unique studio space.

Now Imagine This...

Exploring the Exciting Realms of Possibility

What memories stand out to you as a kid? I'll bet those memories are linked to a photograph you have of an experience. Maybe a holiday, a portrait session, a family gathering. This can be an epic momory for YOUR child to hold on to of their youth. 

Transforming Self-Perception

Let's be honest, we are all hard on ourselves and tend not to perceive ourselves as others do. Should we not teach our kids at a young age to embrace who they are and grow into self-loving young adults? This portrait experience does just that. 

A Confidence Boost

Embracing the infectious joy and positivity from this experience not just for the next day, but for many more days to come. They'll have an extra pep in their step as they move through their days more confidently!

Discovering Their Amazing Self

Feeling utterly transformed, or maybe just realizing that they are already already pretty darn amazing just the way they are! Imagine how that impacts EVERYTHING in their life! Why make them wait until their 20's or 30's to realize this!?

We've seen this all happen.

This Session Includes:

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Pre Session Consultation with Lauren

A personalized consultation with Lauren, ensuring your goals and preferences are understood and incorporated into the session.

Custom Mood Board

A tailor-made mood board that captures the aesthetic and style you aim to achieve in your headshots.

Professional Wardrobe Services

Receive expert wardrobe consultation and access to 2-3 customized outfits to enhance your personal brand image ($350 value).

Full Day in Studio

Enjoy an entire day dedicated to your transformation in a luxurious studio space.

Professional Hair and Makeup

Benefit from top-tier hair and makeup services to present an elevated version of yourself ($300 value).

Variety of Backdrops

Choose from 2-3 different backdrops for diverse and captivating headshot options.

Studio Lighting Choices

 Experience a full array of studio lighting choices that cater to your unique business/professional style.

Personalized Posing & Direction

Receive expert guidance on posing and direction throughout the session, ensuring you look your best.

Lifestyle Set Option

The opportunity to choose a lifestyle set if it aligns with your business image.


Bonuses for everyone!

Swag Bag: Receive a swag bag filled with local products and services
Valued at: $500

Custom Mood Board: Receive a custom mood board curated specifically for you. This visual guide captures the essence of your desired style and aesthetic, ensuring that every detail of your headshot session is aligned with your unique personal brand.
Valued at: $150

Consultation with a Professional Stylist : To make your experience truly exceptional, we're offering you a complimentary consultation with our expert stylist as a special bonus. This consultation allows you to collaborate with a professional who will guide you in selecting the perfect wardrobe pieces, ensuring that your personal style shines through in every shot.
Valued at $350

Bonuses valued at $1000

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Value of Iconic Portraits: 

Your Price is only: 

Bonuses for all Fierce Females!

Inclusion in the Fierce Females Magazine: Your story, your journey, and your fierce essence will be showcased in the pages of our prestigious Fierce Females Magazine. It's your chance to inspire, connect, and leave your mark in a publication that celebrates extraordinary women.

2 Tickets to the Grand Finale Exhibition Event: You and a friend will be our VIP guests at the dazzling Grand Finale Exhibition Event. It's an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourselves in a world of art, empowerment, and celebration, surrounded by like-minded fierce females.

Complimentary Print of Your Fiercest Shot: Take home a piece of your own fierceness with a complimentary high-quality print of your favorite shot from the experience. Hang it proudly in your space as a daily reminder of your strength and beauty.

These bonuses not only add value to the Fierce Female Experience but also make it an even more unforgettable journey for our participants.



The Fierce Female Experience is a comprehensive package that not only enhances your outer beauty but also celebrates your inner strength and confidence. It's a day dedicated entirely to you, an experience that will leave you feeling empowered, radiant, and ready to take on the world.

Picture this: You're given the green light to be completely, unapologetically yourself. It's a journey of self-discovery where you get to uncover the real you. Along the way, you start seeing yourself through the eyes of others, appreciating the unique beauty they see in you, which totally shifts how you view yourself. The best part? You carry this newfound confidence and happiness with you, brightening up not just your day, but the days to come. Who knows, you might feel like a whole new you, or you might just realize you were pretty awesome all along. It's all about giving yourself the freedom to explore and embracing the fantastic person you are! 🌟

Your investment for a limited time: $1,195


Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 11.08.21 AM.png__PID:5f2f994a-1066-462d-bb76-80a9de9a5ec7

Jennifer Yates


“We can't even begin to tell you how amazing you made our Fierce Females photo shoot! It was such an incredible mix of fun, love, laughter, emotion and empowerment. We truly appreciate the time and effort you took to meet all of our needs.” – J.


Vivianne Yates


“I was kind of nervous at the beginning, because I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But Lauren was so much fun! She cranked my playlist and started pulling out outfits while I was getting my hair and makeup done. She and the rest of her team put me at ease right away, and the atmosphere was amazing and comfortable through the whole shoot.” – V.

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 3.29.33 PM.png__PID:2a26bed4-b721-4535-8651-207f7e98ffb6

Maria Brigden


“My Fierce Females experience was freeing. It’s not always easy to think positive about yourself, but as soon as I sat in the makeup chair, I could feel all my negative talk disappear. I felt beautiful all day and I can draw on this feeling. This day was made more special because I shared it with my friends. There is something magical about women supporting other women. It will always be an incredible memory for me.” – M.


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Let's give our kids the experience
of a lifetime

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