Unstoppable Jennifer

Unstoppable Jennifer

Words don't feel like enough to describe this client and her session. Jennifer has been working alongside me doing makeup and hair for almost every client I have. Everyday she comes in with a joyful creative attitude, making sure she pampers every client. That is why it was so nice seeing her in the chair getting pampered. 

Though Jennifer has faced many battles in her life, she still carries her self with such positivity, and determination. I feel as if I am constantly learning and growing thanks to her.

Though I have worked with Jennifer for a while now I had never had the pleasure of meeting her mom and that is why it was extra special that she showed up to support and be part of Jennifer's session.

For a lot of clients, I focus on sharing their personality and ideas in their images, but for Jennifer I focused more on capturing her story and triumph. 

Jennifer, you are a beautiful lady inside and out who continually shares your happiness with your clients and family. You should be proud of the women you are!  

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