The Three Girls

The Three Girls

3 unique style, 3 amazing personalities and 2 bottles of champagne... Jennifer, Amy and Maria came to me looking to join the 2021 Fierce Female Campaign back in September with hopes they could all join me in the Westboro studio before I moved out of that location. Unfortunately, Covid ruined those plans and we had to reschedule, which meant these three ladies got a girls trip to Kingston! 

The night before the shoot, we had a preplanning party where we organized different looks for each friend! I was beyond excited to get creative making Jennifer a romantic ball gown. I could not wait to see Maria in both a classic ballerina tutu as well as a rebellious all black ballerina outfit and Amy in a timeless modern turtleneck outfit that allowed me to play with lighting to make it "Amy's Moment".

All three ladies killed it, and even though it was a longer day than normal, they all pushed through giving it their all the whole time! 

Jennifer, Amy and Maria, you are always welcome at the studio! 

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