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Storytelling with Cathy

Cathy joined me in the studio for a day of storytelling, we got to spend time cresting imagery that represented Cathy's personality and experiences. It was a day of expression, a day of self explor...
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Meet Abby

All our Fierce Females are daring and strong in their own ways, Abby was no exception. Abby came into the studio confident and ready to introduce her old self to her new self. It sometimes takes c...
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Mother & Daughter Memories

This epic mother and daughter duo visited the studio to celebrate… themselves! At an age where it is still cool to hang out with mom, these two made some fabulous memories for themselves, and for ...
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A Journey

After what feels like a lifetime dedicated to work, to children, and to helping others, it was time for this beautiful soul to be courageous and experience a portrait session to celebrate HER. T...
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