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Storytelling with Cathy

Cathy joined me in the studio for a day of storytelling, we got to spend time cresting imagery that represented Cathy's personality and experiences. It was a day of expression, a day of self explor...
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Creativity All Around

Working with another creatives is always so inspiring. I loved talking to Amanda about her career as a writer as it gave me insight on another form of art and creativity. She is so passionate about...
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Natural Glamour

Right from the get go I knew Claire had a heart of gold and man was I right! A mother of 6 who is constantly advocating for her children's and her own health. She is one strong lady, who deserves i...
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Meet Cyndy

Cyndy is one of our amazing fierce females. Her story is incredible. It is heavy at times, but how she is transitioning through the phases inspires strength, courage and creativity. Her art is ins...
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Sultry Style

We worked with Alexane as our model during a recent styled session where we got to experiment with new backdrops, new lighting set ups, and fun new outfits which we sourced locally. New items from...
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