Multi Generation Glamour

Multi Generation Glamour

What is better than a girl's day in the studio? Angela came in with her mom and daughter and we got to spend the day taking multi generational photos that represented the three of them as individuals and as a family.

Angela's daughter Emily is a phenomenal young lady who knows who she is and lives her true self which was amazing to see. We had so much fun creating outfits that she felt represented in!

Angela's mom, Marilyn came into the studio for a yes day where we tried fun poses, outfits and makeup looks. Marilyn spent time telling us lovely stories of how she met her husband and stories of Angela growing up, which helped me understand the amazing dynamic that they have as well as helped the girls get comfortable in the studio and make the space their own for the day.

Angela is not only a mother and a daughter but a friend and a Fierce Female. She left me speechless in the way that she showed up and spent the day being an extraordinary role model for Emily.

I hope to have these ladies in the studio again in the future because all three of them belong in front of the camera showing off their beauty!


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