I missed my kids first week of school this year. It was hard to be away but I also knew they were lined up for a fantastic week which made it easier to head out of the country. I was off to a photography conference in Arizona. The Portrait Masters is a conference I’ve wanted to attend for a few years now, and at one point last year, I just did it. I registered, paid, booked flights and jumped into the deep end. And I’m SO happy I did. The people I met are going to be friends for a lifetime. The techniques I learned make me so excited to use them in my own studio. The inspiration and passion were tangible. I loved every single moment. At the last minute I decided to submit some of my favourite images for accreditation. This is basically where a panel of judges assess your standard of photography. I was excited to receive bronze for 13 our of the 14 images I submitted. It was an interesting process and I loved sitting down with some of the mentors for a critique session. Just having the opportunity to learn from other professionals in the field is invigorating and I feel refreshed and ready to take on the last few months of 2019!