Using Style Boards for Inspiration

There are a lot of things that contribute to a fantastic shoot, whatever the type. Maternity, newborn, family, glamour, boudoir, and wedding photos can all have a different feel to them depending on the needs and personality of the client.


Finding the right look and feel for a shoot is always achieved by meeting with the client, discussing their goal, and putting together style boards. These boards are used for inspiration and help to plan the look of the shoot in advance in addition to providing some guidelines for the hair and makeup artist. Yes, that’s part of Kaufmann Photography photoshoot packages ;).


I work with all kinds of amazing people for different areas of my work including newborns, beautiful mommas-to-be, amazing couples, dynamic families, and dedicated professionals. Each client is different, and the different looks require inspiration too. This is where the style boards come in.


Prior to the shoot, I ask the client to hop on to Pinterest and create a board of images they like and find inspirational for their shoot. This is an easy way to get a sense of exactly what they’re picturing as well as to identify some colour schemes and imagery that they’re after. Once they’ve created a ‘board’ on Pinterest, the Kaufmann Photography team compiles it into a style board with a colour palette and a select set of images that helps us determine the direction of the shoot.


I recently did a few glamour shoots that draw attention to the importance of planning the look and feel of the shoot. One was a mother-daughter glamour shoot which was full of skirts, boho lace, balloons, confetti, and a soft, feminine feel. The other included some lighter shots too, but also included darker, sexier outfits, backdrops, and lighting. Check out an example of these two different style boards below:



The bottom line is that everything affects the look and style boards are a great way to help capture the amazing personality of the client in addition to guiding the creative path of the shoot.


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