The session fees and product costs that I charge are carefully formulated to allow my small business to run so I can continue to do what I love. I pride myself with delivering exceptional sessions and high quality products. To me, photography is about capturing the milestones and investing in this is priceless. Here are six helpful ways to make capturing these milestones with Kaufmann Photography affordable.

1. Book multiple sessions at once

Kaufmann Photography offers two different package sessions. The first is our before and after package which includes a maternity session followed by a newborn session when your little one arrives.

The second is our Baby’s First Year Package which includes three sessions to capture all the milestones of up to their first birthday! The first session is at 3-4 months to capture their first smiles. The second session is at 7-8 months when they are first standing and walking. And the third is at one year – a birthday cake smash session if you are so inclined!!

By booking these package sessions, you are capturing all the special moments from maternity to their first birthday and saving money by booking these sessions in a package!

2. Use the Baby Registry

Kaufmann Photography offers a free baby registry where clients can create a wish list of services and products. This is a great way for expecting parents to subsidize their photography costs. And, it makes for a valuable baby shower gift. The gift of photography will last a lifetime! The program is easy to sign up for and Baby Registry cards are available upon request to compliment baby shower invites. Learn more about our registry program here.

3. Pre-order a collection

A client can choose to pre-order a collection prior to their session. With this guarantee I will extend a discount of $100 off the collection. Favourite photos would still be selected at the personal viewing and ordering appointment. Additional products can be purchased at this time too.

4. Refer friends and family

Kaufmann Photography offers a Referral Program. Sharing your positive experience with family and friends helps me gain loyal clients and get new clients through the door. To share my gratitude, for every session each client will receive a $50 credit for referring a friend or family member. This credit can be applied your next session or product purchase. We’d love to see you again!

5. Write a review

Word of mouth is the foundation that I have grown my business on. Reviews and online presence are both a huge opportunity for connecting with new clients. When a potential client is researching photographers, a positive review goes a long way. If you loved working with me, your session, and your final products, I would love to have that online for testimonials. I appreciate your time and effort towards writing a review and will extend a $25 credit if you so choose to do so.

6. Book again and again

Kaufmann Photography offers a Client For Life program. This includes one session every year and by participating in this program you are entitled to a special rate. This captures the moments and preserves the memories year in and out.