This epic mother and daughter duo visited the studio to celebrate… themselves! At an age where it is still cool to hang out with mom, these two made some fabulous memories for themselves, and for each other. If times ever get challenging (like they tend to do in teenage years) I hope they are able to look back at these images, and remember their shared experience and know they are loved unconditionally by one another. We explored many sides of both of their beautiful personalities, some looks were inside their comfort zones, and others not so much. But… that is the beauty of this experience, being outside of your comfort zone is where you grow and learn about your courage and that you are perfect the way your are RIGHT NOW. We love empowering women (and men for that matter) with this knowledge – that they are capable of anything! Huge shout out to the team Debbie Goulding for makeup and Kellee for hair. You rock! Want to see more of our Mother & Daughter glam sessions? See here and here! Get more info about the experience on our website!