I had the most amazing phone call with Jackie after her session where she told me how much her time in the studio empowered her, and the experience fell into line with her own personal journey of self acceptance and body love. It was a surprise that her portrait session had such a profound impact on her state of mind and she commented that it just didn’t matter… what her body looked like. During the shoot it Really. Didn’t. Matter. Even though we build dresses onto people, and they spend a good amount of time with only underwear which we pin clothes to… she never once felt awkward or uncomfortable. Just accepted. And that is our goal. For you to realize that you ARE GOOD ENOUGH NOW. RIGHT NOW. And there is no need to change, or wait until you’re ten pounds lighter, or whatever it might be. You’ve got this! And on a side note… you have to check out Jackie and her work around motherhood and empowerment – Empowerment for Resilience.  And for a great laugh check out her IG page “EatingHerYoung” about her journey around children and being a mom. Huge shout out to the team Debbie Goulding (makeup) and Kellee for hair.