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Jill | Corporate Update

I’ve yet to meet someone super excited to have a corporate update done… why is it that I have so much fun doing this type of session? We are all harder on ourselves than we should be, especially when it comes to being self critical in photos, myself included… but hey, you are beautiful… or handsome ;0 These sessions really can create a great new look for your corporate identity.

Jill - Corporate Photography In Kingston

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  1. Thanks Lauren for not only doing an amazing job, but also for making an uncomfortable (for me) situation bearable, fun even 🙂 You are very good at what you do. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Lauren for making an unbearable (for me) situation not only bearable, but fun even 🙂 You are very good at what you do. I have had lots of positive feedback on the pictures. Thanks again!

    • Jill, you were fantastic! It was great fun to joke with you. You did amazing for being in a position that you aren’t put into everyday. I hope to see you again!

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