Crystal and her beautiful girls came into the studio ready to get pampered and enjoy a girl’s day in front of the camera. It is amazing to watch a Mom in the studio, showing her daughters that they are strong, independent and fierce, and to see the daughters looking up to her. It was wonderful to embrace the very different styles and personalities of the two girls, and we were able to pull together a cohesive look while still letting each fierce female express their creativity. We even extended the afternoon by having the boys join us later on. Did we ever get some fun Fam Glam going on! Dad and big brother showed up ready for whatever came their way, we even pinned Theo into a ‘new’ outfit to make their new family portraits something out of a magazine! And, I have to say… this family was one of the MOST fun sessions I have had. You know when you just feel like you’ve known people forever, but you’ve only just met them? This feels like one of those times. We were just on the same page… and this level of comfort and understanding really shows in their new portraits. Thanks beautiful family for a fabulous day in the studio creating some beautiful wall art, but more importantly, some lasting family memories!