Photographing maternity sessions is always exciting, for the obvious reason that I get to meet a fantastic couple about to embark on one of life’s greatest adventures. It is a time of anticipation and change for them and it reminds me of when I experienced this for the first… and second times! 🙂 Another reason I love these sessions is that they allow me to get creative in the studio with lighting and posing, and with wardrobe. When clients feel comfortable enough that they trust me to begin creating dresses out of strips of fabric, elastic bands, and hair ribbons… that’s when you know it’s going to be amazing. For this couple we created a couple of dresses, three actually, from simple strips of fabric.

The floral ‘dress’ is one of my favourites because of how it falls in the wind. It just has a life of its own.

This lace fabric made a stunning dress – it is a stretchy backdrop I used to use for newborn portraits with an incredible texture! The colour of the charcoal grey suit blended so nicely with the slightly warmer lace and deep grey backdrop.

This is the third dress I made, with one piece of long black fabric and some curtain trim for a belt! I also made the gold wall – out of fabric too! Fabric shopping has been my biggest splurge this year I think!

Finally, we went outside to enjoy the fall colours – and of course because they matched the gorgeous red dress which was actually purchased for this shoot – not fabric, an actual dress! 😉 I love how the tones in the suit compliment the dress and it all blends beautifully with the location. So many looks from one session. And it was so nice to meet and work with this amazing couple! This is going to be one stunning… and loved baby when she arrives!