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Bergeron Clifford | Kingston Corporate Photography

The team at Bergeron Clifford Lawyers were a pleasure to photograph this week. Here is a peak at some of their corporate head shots.

Bergeron Clifford Corporate BergeronCliffordBlog-6 BergeronCliffordBlog-7 BergeronCliffordBlog-8 BergeronCliffordBlog-10 BergeronCliffordBlog-12 BergeronCliffordBlog-14 BergeronCliffordBlog-16 BergeronCliffordBlog-18 BergeronCliffordBlog-21 BergeronCliffordBlog-23 BergeronCliffordBlog-25 BergeronCliffordBlog-27 BergeronCliffordBlog-29 BergeronCliffordBlog-31 BergeronCliffordBlog-33

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