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Baby Benji

Power failures in a windstorm make newborn sessions doubly interesting. This one, however, went off very smoothly despite the ‘no power’ challenge. A handsome baby boy and stunning Mum! It is a wonderful feeling meeting a new family for the first time, yet feeling like I’ve known them for ages… Baby Benjamin had a super sneeze in the first image below. Don’t you agree that newborn sneezes are just the cutest thing?

Newborn Baby Benji


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  1. Lauren, what beautiful pictures. I haven’t see Benji for 3 weeks since returning to UK and he is even more gorgeous than I remember. I cannot wait to see more.
    His maternal grandfather

    • Ron, I am so glad you get to see Benj through these images. He is gorgeous! So is Jennifer. We had a great time during the session. I will be sure to post more images soon. Warm Regards, Lauren.

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