Little Ones & Family

Your children are grown and moved out. What tangible memories do you have of their childhood milestones ? Did you build in time to create these memories ?The story of your children is unique and one of a kind. Let’s make it last forever.

The families I photograph are wonderfully diverse, yet all of them seek images that capture real emotions and artful attention to detail through a timeless lens. During each portrait session I work to capture meaningful moments in a way that will remain classic fifty years down the road.

Let us help you create a Bucket-List experience and celebrate YOUR CHILDREN. Their unique personality and adorable quirkiness.

How will THEY exist in photos?

We invite you to create memories like this.

Single Sessions


{includes professional hair and makeup}

Newborn babies grow and change quickly so it is important to capture those ‘newborn’ moments while your little one is still tiny, curling up and sleepy.

I recommend 6-10 days of age in order to capture that fresh newborn look. Contact the studio while you are still pregnant to begin planning before baby arrives!


{includes professional hair and makeup}

There is nothing more beautiful than a newly expecting Mom. Preserve this brief and special phase through modern, tasteful and relaxed maternity photographs in the studio or at a location of your choice.

They are best done in early-mid third trimester to show off your amazing baby bump while still feeling mobile and sexy!

Babies & Children

Toddlers and Children are often described as a challenge to photograph but for me they are the most interesting and rewarding. It is an opportunity for me to really get to know how your little one works, and to capture that essence of who they are.

As a mother of 2 young children it is a definite niche where I feel completely at home.

Sitting Fee $200

When your portrait session is all said and done, the only tangible memories you’ll have are your photographs. Investing in heirlooms you can actually hold and pass down to generations is deeply important and an art that has been lost in our digital world.

Your story is unforgettable and deserves to be presented in a way that will forever take you back in time to a very sweet moment. This is why I’m a photographer, and offer a line of luxury albums, fine art prints and keepsakes that will not only bring you joy … but be passed down as an heirloom and representation of your legacy.

To learn more about our session and printing options click the link below to request a copy of our investment guide.

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Multi Sessions

Maternity & Newborn Collection

Consider a unique ‘Before and After’ program to document this amazing transition in your life and the life of your new baby. Combine your maternity session with priceless Newborn photos once your new little one arrives. The Before and After Collection is designed to capture these important milestones in your families young life. 

You will receive:

> 2 sessions to take place at the following stages:

> approximately 30 weeks pregnant (third trimester).

> 5-7 day old newborn.

Your maternity session will be a full length portrait session followed by a full length newborn session to capture both of these amazing phases in your young families new life.


Sitting Fee: $600

Baby's First Year Collection

Baby’s first year passes so quickly and is filled with such amazing developmental milestones…responding to your voice, smiling, giggling, crawling and obviously standing and walking! The Baby’s First Year Collection is designed to capture all of these important events in your child’s first year.

You receive:

3 stylized portrait sessions to take place at the following ages:

> 3-4 months
> 6-9 months
> 12 months

A beautiful 18×18 inch collage with 3 images from each session. (9 images in total).

Each session will be a 30-60 minute long session, geared towards capturing these milestones.


Sitting Fee: $550

Client For Life (VIP)

Because it is my goal to build lifelong relationships with my clients I welcome you to join the Client For Life (VIP) Program. This is a fabulous way to be sure you enjoy 1 custom photography experience every year until you no longer wish to participate. Sessions are 1 hour long and exclude Newborns.

What does the fee include?

Your session fee covers my time and talent in capturing your session images and a personalized ordering and design appointment where you make your product selections.

Sessions last approximately 1 hour. Babies and young children determine the schedule so multiple feeding breaks and clean-ups are common. Sitting fees are due at the time of booking and are non-refundable.

{Products are ordered separately at your private viewing and ordering session. Please email me for a detailed Product Guide to help budget for your session. Prints start at $175 and Collections start at $1500. No minimum purchase requirement. It is simply my job to take the most beautiful photos of your little one so that you want to purchase them all!}.

Studio sessions are available year round. Please contact me for additional details and to plan your session.


Sitting Fee: $799