Working with Ophelia to create the right look, with just the right message to suit her business was an experience I think I actually needed. This beautiful spirited woman was just magical to speak to, and it feels like we’ve known each other forever, even thought we have only just met. You know when you meet someone, and they just seem to speak to you… like they’re in your head somehow? This is Ophelia. Her entrepreneurial spirit is infectious, her calming demeanour is soothing, and her ability to speak the truth is invigorating! Which is perfect, because her business really is… HER!

Ophelia’s business provides deep, soulful and intuitive guidance to women navigating the ‘GAP’ – that scary space between opportunities/experiences. The feeling she creates is a homecoming and belonging for women who need respite and comfort from a life of hustle and achieving. She serves the discerning woman who is reservedly looking for something more and someone who can provide answers for life’s unanswerable moments.

I think we should ALL sit down with Ophelia and experience her services!