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Kaufmann Photography’s Client for Life program is a wonderful way to capture the moments and memories that are most meaningful to you and your loved ones every year. I have the pleasure of seeing my clients once a year for a session and it’s a true honour to be see the changes they want to celebrate. In order to make each session unique and special every year, here are 5 ideas to inspire you.


1) Major events or milestones

Maybe you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary one year. Or maybe you’re about to experience a major transition in your life that you want to remember. Whatever the case may be the possibilities are endless, at least 365 possibilities.

2) Home décor considerations

Think about a part of your home that you’ve been meaning to adorn with photos of people and memories that are most important to you. Layering a space with photos from your portrait sessions is a beautiful way to transform a blank wall into a meaningful and enjoyable space. Your family and friends will love to see the pieces you add over the years.

We can even transition during a session from light tones… 

To Darker and more moody tones…

3) Your favourite activities

Portrait sessions don’t always have to signify a particular event or occasion in your life. Sometimes it’s about capturing the joy in the everyday activities. It’s your chance to get creative and think about what you love doing most with the people you love the most. An example could be baking with your grandmother or playing in the backyard with your kids.

4) Seasonal

Consider having your photos done during a different season each year. This creates great fun and versatility with your portraits. Outfits, seasonal tones, and evern your favourite activities will be different.

Summer & Spring…



5) Tell a story

There’s a reason why the saying “a picture tells a thousand words” exists. Photos tell stories and having the opportunity to do so each year is a something to certainly look forward to. A great deal of thoughtful planning can go into your sessions beforehand. There are ways to incorporate elements of the story you want your photos to tell.  It could be anything from wardrobe choices or the location of the session. A single session can also be part of a larger story that builds over the years.

Annual portrait sessions are a luxurious and friendly experience. The most meaningful events and moments in your life are captured and preserved as you build a relationship with a photographer you can trust and enjoy working with. To learn more about our Client for Life program, contact me and we will have coffee and discuss your goals.